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THE RETURN OF THE ANTI-MAN: Where Has All the Real News Gone?

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

For over two years now, I’ve been away from Can the Man.  I needed a break, a reprieve, from the constant onslaught of depressing news bulletins and tragic incidents of the world.  To do so, I moved halfway across the country to a home without cable or internet and removed myself from the current event world I was drowning in.  Twenty-four months, several jobs, and three domiciles later I’m back, chomping at the bit to let this Anti-Man voice tear out into the void and hopefully make some sense of the disheartening world we live in.


When I left CTM, the 2016 election was still a distant thought and I was still very confident in a bet with my grandfather in which I stated I would “eat my own shorts” if Donald Trump even made the GOP primary debate stage.  Oh how wrong I was.  Thankfully, grandpa doesn’t remember and my shorts, and my stomach, are safe.


There are still the same old problems with North Korea, Iran, and terrorism.  The same wrinkled faces are still voicing their displeasure about insuring the poor and vulnerable.  The more you stay away, the more things stay the same.  I’m still, for the most part, disconnected from the news cycle.  But if Trump is excels at one thing, it is creeping his orange face and wispy combover into every nook and cranny a good citizen like myself could possibly hide in.  It would be easy for me to rant and rave for pages about Donald J. Trump, but what could I possibly say that hasn’t been said?  More so, what could possibly be said that would elicit a sane, thoughtful, and honest response?  Our President reacts with more conviction to Twitter arguments than he does to Congressional hearings that implicate him in scandals not seen in this country since Watergate.


Trump expresses more concern and condemnation over business leaders leaving his innercircle than he does over far-right “Neo-Nazi’s” demonstrating hate as freedom of speech.  I never expected Trump to want to tackle social issues, much less do it with grace.  But to see such a complete lack of societal awareness actually takes work.  Nobody can change Donald Trump or the outcome of the election, but what I can do is re-insert my voice into the discussion and hope to enlighten the minds of some readers.


Trump is treating the White House as a special season of “Political Apprentice.” However, for his devoted followers to still remain oblivious to his obvious ineptitude is baffling. Look at the revolving door of staffers.  This isn’t an ABC airing of “The Apprentice:  Commander in  Chief,” this is real life Donald, and real people have things at stake because of you.  The United States of America imbibed so much reality television, that we turned into the world’s worst syndicated daily program.  Other countries tune into our news the way I used to tune into MTV’s Jersey Shore.  I watched to make myself feel better, knowing that I could never be that stupid, drunk, or ignorant.


I’m out of the doldrums of office life, but it doesn’t mean a vacation from the Man.  He still lurks out there, around every corner, waiting to snag just another dollar of your paycheck or remind you that control is just a privilege given to the powerful and rich.  The Man is more powerful than ever and will never stop working to supplant the everyman.  But that is why the Anti-Man exists, that is why I’m back, and I’ll work even harder now to keep those iron hands away from our throats.

-Spencer James-