Contemplating Intuition and Spider Sense, During Deep Meditation

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While meditating next to a pristine lake, somewhere deep in the Canadian wilderness, this outrageous idea came to me. When this vision subsided, I opened my eyes and realized that I was covered in spider webs:


Spider sense is when spiders can sense another dimension of reality. In my meditation, I came to feel entwined with spiders, understanding that they can see human synapses fire like little bolts of lightning. These arachnids can sense energy running down your body, from your brain to your hand, carrying with them a message of pure energy.


Perhaps you find yourself in a situation where your brain is telling you that you need to smash and kill a spider on your leg—but instantly—the spider senses that rush of energy barreling down at them, as it is still flowing to your brain. Amazingly, the spider has the ability and time to move out of the way.


This situation is similar to a human seeing a tornado, furiously hurdling toward him, making a death or life situation, causing that person to flee. Spider sense dwells in a dimension we can comprehend. But it is sure fun to contemplate; it is one of the many dimensions that make up our reality.


Paul Westman


Note: Paul Westman is a leader of men and an international man of mystery. He is no stranger to exotic locations and death defying feats. He writes only when compelled, during his quest to find universal truth.


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