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Three important Lessons About Blogging

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As a blogger, freelance writer, and regular contributor to Can the Man it is often hard to continue to come up with fresh topics to write about on a daily basis.  While I was stumped on what to write about this week I did a quick internet search to find an exciting topic.


I happened upon the “Blog Post Idea Generator” on www.buildyourownblog.net [2].   The idea generator is an interesting tool that produces prompts for blog writing.  This tool functions very similarly to writing prompts that I have used in writing classes and workshops to stimulate various writing projects from personal essays to short stories.


When clicking on the generator it produces a kernel of a thought to build on.  The one that was generated for me was “Lessons I have learned…”  This got me thinking about the lessons I have learned about blogging.  After considering it for a while I came up with three of the most important things I have learned about blogging:


1.  Variation:  It is important to vary the content of your blogs.  Blogging can be a great way to explore many different interests.  The short blog format allows one to wade into topics without having to delve deeply.  It is a great excuse to learn about new subjects and expand one’s knowledge.  Variation is also good for growing a readership because it draws more people to your website with diverse interests.  Also, it keeps the content fresh so your readers don’t get bored.


2.  Boosting the blog with Media:  The blog format is conducive to using other types of media than simple text.  Individuals have many different ways that they learn best from visual to audio learners.  So, it is important to utilize the blog format by incorporating other media such as videos and pictures, this creates a richer experience for your readership by catering to various ways people enjoy consuming information.


3.  Keep it Simple:  Blogs are best when they are not too lengthy and don’t consist of lots of complex language.  In much of the academic writing I have done the language must be of a technical nature and often it is bogged down by stuffy jargon.  Blogs should generally be more conversational than many other types of writing, even more so than what you would find in a news magazine like Time or in your daily newspaper.  I usually sign only my first name to the blogs because I feel that I am developing a more intimate connection with the reader, so the formalities can be stripped away.


So these are some of the most important aspects of blogging I have learned over the past few years.  With these tips and tools like the idea generator, you could be well on your way to a blogging career of your own!



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