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Like Riding a Bike

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Every day it is hard to see, the wonder thriving inside me.




Hopeless is the mood of late,

As we hesitate and misplace the hate,

Of one another – over land, gods, and the belief

That the unrighteous should be replete with grief.


My eyes, clouded by violent news

Ears, deafened from misleading clues.

Distractions meant to keep us from committing the act

Of living lives instead of lies.


Wars continue to beat the drums of death

While we grasp, grapple, grab our throats for breath.

Bees are dying, trees are falling, seas are rising

And the 1% accumulate worth without trying.


Do you accept the fate those before us created?


Sure, you can run from truth when denial becomes chic.

Be warned; there is no shelter on the realm we’ve desecrated.



-Spencer James

This Isn’t Satire: Florida Bans Climate Change

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015



Florida Governor Rick Scott, shown above denouncing scientific fact, has “unofficially” put a ban on the term climate change.  This brutally open act of idiocy puts everyone at risk, not just Florida.  Recently, Barton Bibler fell victim to Scott’s lunatic reasoning, when he claims he was put on leave from his position and forced to endure a mental evaluation.


Can you imagine that, a world where you get called crazy for putting faith in scientists with factual information – but not for believing that a white-bearded omnipresent being created the entire universe to do nothing else but judge your every move? Get it together Florida, before you embarrass yourself further.


-Spencer James

CTM Recommends, Why Does The World Exist

Sunday, March 15th, 2015



Have you ever found yourself lying awake at night, unable to fall asleep, thinking about why there is something rather than nothing? This simple question is equal parts interesting, confusing, terrifying and important in the world of formal and casual philosophy. As professor and author Jim Holt notes in his book, Why Does The World Exist, the concept of nothing is one that has intrigued many of the world’s most brilliant minds, while also leaving others completely disinterested. The idea of “zero” is inherent in many of the worlds’ great culture, while completely inconceivable and unnecessary in others. There are scientists who claim to understand the fundamental nature of “nothing”, while opposing philosophers and literary minds argue that discussing the existence of something rather than nothing is impossible by its very nature. If you have ever thought about the person that you are, why you exist at all and what might be the reason for it, then I highly recommend Holt’s book. For directing its focus on such a simple question, it is a work that darts from one intriguing tangent to the next, all the while keeping the most dangerous question in philosophy firmly in the rear view mirror. Why is any of this stuff here?




Hedge Your Bets – Presidential Favorites

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Ah, what do you know, it is 2015 and we’re rapidly approaching the onset of yet another lengthy, exhausting, money-soaked search for the next President of the United States of America.  If you’re like me, it isn’t a sense of excitement that grips you – more a foreboding sense of morbid dread at the thought of electing any of the current front runners to lead this country.  Below I’ve listed eight best-case odds for the apparent “leaders of the pack” to become the next leader of the free world.  For humor’s sake more than political awareness – here are some tidbits about each of these people the pundits are deeming “qualified” to be the most powerful person on the planet.


Hillary Clinton (6/5) – Recent news stories have uncovered the fact that the ex-Secretary of State was relying solely on a personal email account to discuss the classified and controversial issues of state security- i.e. Benghazi.


Jeb Bush (5/2) – This shouldn’t need any explanation to any semi-intelligent citizen with an active pulse.  If America elects another Bush – I’ll either kill myself or just quit paying all of my bills and live outside the White House flashing my pasty hairy ass towards the west wing at the top of each hour.


Marco Rubio (10/1) – Received over $200,000 from hedge fund giant Elliott Management and Goldman Sachs in 2014.  No doubt that they would likely foot a large portion of his impending 2016 campaign. Also, he was born in Miami – the sweaty cesspool of America.


Chris Christie (12/1) – To think I almost thought Christie was a stand up guy, however recent reports detail the appalling claims Christie was part in the negotiations to reduce the fines of Exxon Mobil from $8.9 billion down to a paltry $250 million.


Scott Walker (14/1) – This turd cut $2.6 billion from education services of Wisconsin.  In a time where American students are gradually falling further and further behind the rest of the developed world, electing someone who doesn’t value the importance of education over money wouldn’t quite be ideal.


Rand Paul (16/1) – I don’t have much to say about Rand, as I have always enjoyed his father Ron’s brutal honesty about failing American policies.  That said, Rand has his fair share of scandals in his past including bribery, plagiarism, and issues revolving around women.


Mitt Romney (16/1) – He should take his magical Mormon underpants and retire to some big mansion in Utah to avoid the embarrassment of losing again – this time possibly to a woman.


Elizabeth Warren (18/1) – This woman is brash, bold, and ready to take on the corrupt practices that have devolved Washington to what it is today.  Again, she is not immune to scandal and her Republican counterparts will be quick to point out the fact she once listed herself as Native American or that she might have submitted plagiarized recipes to a cooking magazine once.


In short – one of these assholes is likely to be the next leader of the free world.


*Presidential Odds Can be Found Here


-Spencer James

CTM Recommends: Isaac Asimov Memorial Debates

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Hosted at the American Museum of Natural History, the Isaac Asmiov Memorial Debate series features leading scientists and academics discussing a range of topics inspired by the writing of the late great author after which the series is named. In the above 2014 debate, host Neil Degrasse Tyson guides an enthralling discussion of the commercial spaceflight industry.