Joseph Kony the Muderer and the Attempt to Bring Him to Justice

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I first became aware of this video about Joseph Kony by way of Nicholas Kristof’s twitter feed.  The video has already had millions of views online and has generated a serious buzz.  As you will see in the video, Joseph Kony—the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which began in Uganda but has branched out into other African countries including: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Central African Republic—is responsible for thousands of rapes, murders and the abduction children and who are forced into combat and sex-slavery.  


He is obviously a terrible man and must be stopped and thanks to Invisible Children, who made the Kony video that has become a web sensation, he is more recognizable.  We would like to make this video visible to our audience so that we may help in the crusade to can this Man.  However, the situation has made me deeply ambivalent, because I know that there is always more that can be done to mend the many situations on the continent of Africa that are causing millions of people to suffer unjustly.  And if one takes an objective view of the history of the continent one quickly realizes that it is Western intervention into the affairs of Africa that has laid the groundwork for many of the atrocities that have happened there.   Although I applaud the efforts of those working with Invisible Children to take direct action in hopes of apprehending this awful human being, the essence of they’re plan is more direct military involvement by U.S. troops, which is a tactic that many individuals erroneously view as a panacea for the world’s ills.  The questioning of direct military involvement of the U.S. in the hunt for Kony is one of several interesting points made by Joanna Castle Miller in this critique of Kristof’s view on the Kony project and the project itself.


The truth is that the situation is extremely complicated and could not be explained in a blog post or a thirty minute viral video.   But every individual must do their own research and draw their own conclusions.  Overall, it is refreshing to see people take an active role in changing a serious problem rather than doing nothing and operating under the assumption that nothing can be done.  We may not fully agree with their methods but we do appreciate anyone making serious efforts against injustice.  This blog post is a small attempt to bring greater awareness to our readers, who may not be informed about the situation.  For those who wish to know more you can visit, Invisible Children’s official website on the matter. 



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