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Mind Drift

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Sitting here I am trying to think of what to write.  I am in a new home in which I recently moved with my girlfriend.  I haven’t had time much lately to read or get on cantheman, but i need to write something now.  I watched the news briefly earlier – as I do like to watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC and others- to get my news from both sides.  But am I really getting both sides?  Better yet are there only two sides.  I say no, but we are conditioned to believe that.  Just like we are conditioned to believe in many fallaciessuch as patriarchy, American exceptionalism , being saved by god, but who knows what is true…nobody.  Its all a game.  I like to sometimes contemplate that vastness of reality and then compare it to the ridiculous little box we keep our minds confined to.  Think about where you are sitting now at this exact moment.  Then think about who is within your sight vision, then the sound of your voice, then with shouting distance, and so on-if you get the picture.  Now if you are in Canada, what is the name of your town and then which province is that attached to.  If you get where I am going then it goes: country, continent, hemisphere, planet Earth, our solar system, the Milky Way, the universe, but oh NO!-whats next.  Well if we weren’t so simple minded it would continue to maybe the multi-verse next and then after that i can’t begin to fathom but I am of the firm belief that this list is infinite.  So why in the history of all this everything, are we so consumed in bullshit.  We get caught in media traps, political games, religious fervor – which is particularly scary to me because in America we have campaigning for the GOP presidential ticket beginning and these people are scary- and the so called other side (which if you ask me is not another side at all but an equally scary head of a 2 headed power hungry leviathan than wants to take the very essence of what we are as people and control it for their personal gain)…but anyway my inspiration has run dry ( quote from Natalie Imbruglia, which literallyl just popped into my head after I wrote those words, haha) for this rant.  I just want you, yes you the person reading this, to actually contemplate this great vastness of everything and try to get a better perspective on things.  Remove yourself from the moment if you can and look at all of human civilization and then the history of the universe, and realize that this is not all there ever has been, but that this is all we are taught to believe there ever was.