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Get on Board With Solar Power

Monday, June 20th, 2011

I am of the firm belief that solar  power can set us free.  Think of the implications if human civilization had all their energy needs met for free.  Imagine no more electric bills, no more natural gas bills, and no more buying gasoline.  The power struggle for energy producing natural resources , which is an underlying cause for global animosity, would be gone.  Relatively speaking, of all the people on our planet, our energy needs are controlled by a very few people with a lot of power.  The elimination of this energy control would go a long way toward freeing humanity from the control of others.

Here are a couple of links to check out:

1.  Google is putting up some money for solar power.

2.  Senate Bill to get 10 million new solar systems up by 2010.

3.  Solar energy around the world.  There are some good links to other stories at the bottom of this article.

If you or anyone you know has any knowledge about solar power, please comment on this post and let us know what you know.


The News Needs to Shift Focus

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

How often do you watch or read the news?  I would venture to say that most people do not pay close enough attention to the national and international news.  When they do decide to watch the news they are inundated with complete garbage most of the time.  We do not need to know the latest politician who has cheated on his wife.  When is the last time you have heard what is going on in Iraq?  It was a daily occurrence in the media when Bush was in office, but now it’s like it never happened.  We spent billions of dollars over there and we need to know what is going on right now so if a similar situation arises in the future we have a basis for comparison. 

Where are the stories about what people are doing to fix problems?  Let me see a story about a little old lady who plants a garden to save money on vegetables and then shows everyone in the neighborhood how to do the same thing.  Let me see a story about a guy who uses solar power and a car battery to run the electricity in his house.  Let me see a story about two business owners bartering services instead of exchanging money.  If we saw more stories like these in the news it would show people that there are other ways to do things outside of the status quo.